domingo, 3 de abril de 2016

"Turn Off The Lights" White Virgins (Soulwax) - Belgica. Felix Van Groeningen - 2016

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  1. The film deals with the brothers Frank (the older) and Jo (the younger) who run the club "Belgica" in Ghent, Belgium, from the initial success to the later downfall.
    The soundtrack consists of 15 pieces of music by Soulwax, a band formed by two brothers from Ghent, composed specifically for the movie. They created different fictional bands, all with their own style, performing at the club. Many reviews of the film specifically discussed the soundtrack, with Lanre Bakare in The Guardian calling it "a great Soulwax soundtrack" in the 4-star review. It will be released on PIAS Recordings on 26 February 2016.