lunes, 19 de febrero de 2018

Paradox. Daryl Hannah - 2018

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  1. ‘PARADOX’ Trailer: Daryl Hannah Directs Neil Young In Netflix’s Surreal ‘Free-Spirited Tale of Music and Love’
    Daryl Hannah's directorial debut, soon to premiere at SXSW, is billed as "a loud poem" centered on the iconic rocker.
    Kate Erbland
    Mar 13, 2018 10:08 am

    Neil Young as “The Man in The Black Hat” in “PARADOX”
    Daryl Hannah/Adam CK Vollick

    You say “a loud poem” starring Neil Young, and we say, “okay, but just how loud?” Daryl Hannah’s directorial debut, which will have its world premiere at the extremely-appropriate-for-a-music-movie SXSW Film Festival later this week, has now unleashed its first trailer. The film was picked up by Netflix ahead of its debut, and will hit the streaming service by the end of the month.
    Billed by its new distributor as “a fantasy, a loud poem and a free-spirited tale of music and love,” the film doesn’t appear to fit neatly into any kind of box. And it’s sure as hell not just some rock doc focused on a beloved icon’s golden years. It’s not even a doc.
    Per the film’s official synopsis, “Sometime in the future past, the ‘Man in the Black Hat’ (Young), the ‘Particle Kid’ (Micah Nelson), ‘Jail Time’ (Lukas Nelson) and a ragged band of cowboys and outlaws hide high up in the Mountains. They pass the hours searching for treasure while they wait for the full moon to lend its magic, bring the music and make the spirits fly.” So, a loud poem?
    The film also features original music by Young + Promise of the Real, and looks to be the kind of ambitious outing that announces Hannah as a new directorial talent to watch while also furthering the mythos of Young’s own legacy.